The Desert Island Chronicles

Day 42 on the island: Finally got the boat to work! Only for a few seconds, but I was able to fire up the motor using a combination of coconut juice, sand, tree sap and this weird moss I found on the underside of a rock. It took me weeks to gather the materials, and this attempt failed…but at least I know it works. If I get rescued and get back to Melbourne, outboard motor servicing is going to be revolutionised by this discovery. Probably. I know I’ll certainly be taking better care of my boat in the future, and maybe I’ll get some navigation lessons.

Day 75 on the island: You know, there are worse places to be stranded. This is a much nicer and more spacious place than those islands you often see in pictures, with the one palm tree and about four square feet of room. No, this one has a little jungle and some cliffs, plenty of really lovely beaches. I’m surprised a place this close to Melbourne hasn’t had a summer home built on it by some rich holidaymaker. Maybe when i get back, I’ll claim it as compensation. For my own stupidity.

Day 112 on the island: Alright…I think I managed to fix my anchor winch. It’s been broken for a while, but there was so much to fix that I’ve been neglecting it. Eventually it spoke up and told me, in the voice of a single mother from New Jersey, that the anchor winch is actually a vital part of keeping a boat in ship-shape. Silly me.

Day 174 on the island: Not only am I revolutionizing Melbourne’s outboard motor repair; I’m also advancing the cause of anchor winches. I’ve managed to fix mine with a bit of bamboo, and after all that nagging. The gangplank has been giving me lip, but I managed to fix that problem by fixing it a nice mossy stew. And Jeremy, my coconut friend? We’ve finally settled our political views and become fast friends. I’m not even sure I WANT to be rescued; I’ve made some GREAT companions on this island.