Maybe the Pest Control of the Future?

I am seriously running out of ideas for pest control, and by that, I mean it’s starting to affect my work.

And by affect my work, I mean it’s getting REALLY hard. We got a government grant for this research, but we’ve had to totally change our methods from the stated goal, and now…I’m really not sure if we’ll have anything by the deadline. Everyone wants more efficient ways of doing everything, all the time, because that’s just the world we live in I guess. Still, I thought we were onto something. We’ve got the support of Frankston based pest control companies, who also have a stake in being able to do their jobs easier. Still, the first method was a complete disaster. We designed this little bomb type thing that you place in the middle of a room. It would explode upon contact with water- it was just a prototype, mind you- after which it would release quite a lot of gas into the room. It was pretty much harmless to humans, but it would kill any insect it came into contact with. Thing is, it was TOO reactive to water. Even the slightest drop from any source and the whole bag of them would just explode.

Jeremy came up with this idea of a big whistle, too quiet for humans to hear but it would be heard by the termites and such, drawing them out of their holes. Turns out he lied on his resume, didn’t have a clue what he was doing and bluffed his way through the whole thing, wasting all of our time. Apparently whistling isn’t an insect thing. Good to know.

Maybe one day, Mornington’s best termite inspections can benefit from one of our great inventions. And when I say ‘one day’ I mean sometime in November, because that’s when our deadline is. Maybe my idea of a tiny, automatic pest controlling trebuchet will take off?