Staged Conversation

Katrina really needs to get some perspective. She’s such a drama queen! Maybe that’s why she’s such a success in the home staging scene. Personally, I’ve never seen what the big deal is – how hard can sourcing giant wood-framed mirrors and unrealistic couches with artfully draped cashmere throw rugs really be? But I’ll grant that she seems to be doing well at it, and maybe it’s due to her flair for the dramatic. 

Anyway, she’s just been talking my ear off for an hour about how hard it is to look at properties for sale given her line of work. She claims to be able to see through all the ‘smoke and mirrors’ and ‘tricks of the trade’, which seems fair enough, but I’m struggling to see why that’s a drawback. 

I’d understand if she was, say, a real estate agent, or involved in conveyancing. For St Kilda properties, the price tags on the extravagant side, and having to watch those numbers stack up day in and day out could induce cynicism after a while. Even then, though, you’d think it would still be in your interests as a buyer to know what’s what. 

Katrina couldn’t really give me a satisfying explanation as to why this whole thing is even the slightest bit of an issue, which leads me to think that she was just seeking attention. I’m increasingly convinced that she loves to remind people that she works in the property industry, albeit in a role that’s kind of peripheral, in my honest opinion. 

Just quietly, I suspect that she hopes people will believe she’s in property conveyancing and assume she’s a lawyer. I realise that this sounds rather judgmental, but I don’t know how else to explain her obsession with bringing every conversation back to the property market. ‘Maybe she’s just passionate about it,’ I hear you say. Well, look – I’ve known Katrina for nigh on 20 years now, and I know what she’s about. I’m sure this is all about shaping her public image. Maybe that’s why she’s so good at staging homes.