Chronicles of Plumbing

Welcome to the Chronicles of Plumbing. 

The Chronicles of Plumbing are a bunch of stories that have been passed down by people in Melbourne with the first story originating around ten years ago, and the last story being as recently as a couple of weeks ago. I always thought that the Chronicles of Plumbing were fictional stories intended to scare children into saving water and practising proper hygiene. However, now I’m not sure. I think the Chronicles of Plumbing could actually be real.

The reason I think this is because my experience was the latest to be added to the Chronicles. It started about a month ago when I had a blocked sewer. Melbourne sewers are notorious for causing problems and in the stories, it’s because they’re old and for hundreds of years children have been putting miscellaneous things down the drains. One hundred years ago the children put quills and old toys down the drains. Today, kids put gadgets and mechanical things down the drains, which are causing more problems than the children one hundred years ago did.

I personally thought this whole concept was a myth, because who would put toys down the drain? Even in adulthood, I thought the concept of the Chronicles of Plumbing was laughable. Until the plumber did drain repairs in Brighton, which was the source of my blocked sewer. Apparently, the cause of the blockage was hundreds of different toys all clumped together in one big ball of God knows what. Some of the toys were new, and some looked like they had been there for a century, which made me second guess everything I had thought about the Chronicles of Plumbing. I mentioned it to the plumber and he had no idea what I was talking about. I guess it makes sense, he isn’t from the area.

My peculiar story is just one of many weird things that have happened in the plumbing world. I sure hope nothing else happens.