It’s Me, Still Doing Everything

I guess I’m the only one doing anything around here? So business as usual, that’s what they say. Doesn’t help that it’s been MONTHS since the Golfing Expo website went down, and that was where I vented all my stress. I have to make use of…places like this, I guess. Now the actual property we’re using for the Expo is up for debate, since someone forgot to file the paperwork. And by someone, I’m talking about Justine, obviously. What’s your title, Justine? Oh, you’re in charge of all the important documents?

Seriously, this is what I have to work with. All my other jobs, and I have to pick up the rest of the mess. Of course! I’ll be the one to go to the office of the conveyancer in Caulfield, not even close to where I live, so I can hunt for some old housing paperwork that proves we definitely own this place we’re using for the expo. The one good thing is that the conveyancers around here actually know their stuff; didn’t take long once I was in the office. Probably could have done it on the phone, to be honest. I dashed back to school, picked up the kids, fed the family and make sure the whole place was clean before heading out again. Then I went to the meeting that night to present the fact that I’d talked to the conveyancers and everything was fine, only to discover that Justine had cleaned her desk for once and found the documents anyway.

Nice one, Justine. And where was Janine, our so-called head of admin? On her holiday. And Nadine, the morale officer? Having a nervous breakdown. I swear, between Justine, Janine, Nadine, Lorleen, Janene, Carleen, Shirleen, Harleen, Praline, Cystine, Antihistamine and Chlorine…wait. Hang on. I just noticed something about ALL my friends.

…they’re all useless! Next time, YOU can drive to the conveyancer in Cheltenham or wherever. At least they’re actually efficient once you get there.