Be a Pest Controller, Be Unique

No aim, and no brain. I’m a Wilson main.

It’s true, I play one of the…least-picked characters in Over-Botch. I think because it’s such a vivid experience, so people like to choose some glamorous job in-game. So you’ve got construction workers, and rocket engineers, and lifeguards. Things that are EASY to screw-up, hence why people choose those roles. Also, I’ve chosen a career path to do with insects, and a lot of people don’t even like those things in virtual form. Don’t mind them myself.

That’s why I’ve taken on the role of a Rosebud pest control agent, since it’s close to home for me. Now, as everyone knows because Over-Botch is an international phenomenon, the point of the game is to do a BAD job. It was created by a bunch of psychology majors who thought they could train people to do jobs AND make it fun, but employing reverse psychology and teaching people in reverse, as it were. So basically, my time in the game has been spent leveling up by accidentally using the wrong chemicals, tearing down walls only to find that there are no insects inside at all and giving people horrible advice when it comes to keeping their home pest-free. In my last session I told a family that ants are actually attracted to wooden work surfaces, and that covering them in bread crumbs actually kept them away.

And then, I said that termites are actually not as dangerous as people think, and they should just be left to chew away at someone’s home as much as they like because they’ll get full eventually. Yes, there’s a strong ‘DO NOT USE THIS GAMEPLAY IN REAL PROFESSIONS, EXCEPT IN REVERSE’ message. Fortunately, the pest control people in Berwick and around the place actually know what they should be doing. But I do think it’s a fun way of learning. Plus is just got Wilson to level 62, ‘Master Screw-Up’.