Painter Pranked Me

I can’t believe I have been pranked, on the eve of pulling my own greatest ever prank! That dang painter pulled a fast one on me, while I was planning on doing the same to him. I’ve got to say, this is quite an elaborate prank, though. I’m impressed. This painter has more skills than simply painting. It turns out he’s also an expert at creating rope traps. As I walked into my living room to check up on his progress, painting one of the best interior walls of all time, I tripped on a wire, triggering the trap. 

Now I’m suspended from the ceiling, bound by ropes not quite tight enough to stop me from accessing my phone and typing this blog post. Sure, I could probably call for help if I rang the emergency services or a family member and put the phone on speaker, but I respect this painter’s work too much to do such a thing. I’m sure he’ll be back soon, if only to gloat about how well his trap worked. Besides, he’s still got to finish my wall. What kind of professional interior painter, servicing the Melbourne area—the world’s most prestigious area for painters—would leave a job unfinished? Not one worth his salt, for sure. I’m still willing to give this guy a five-star review, provided he comes back and actually finishes the job.

I wonder if all painters are so skilled at setting clever traps. For example, if I were to hire a group of the best exterior house painters for walls, would they have the necessary skills to prank this interior painter even greater than he has pranked me? Jumping out of a box and giving him a fright simply isn’t big enough anymore. All the blood is going to my head, so I have to pay him back somehow. I’ll need to get the professionals involved, I think. My next prank is going to be bigger and better. It has to be, because I have a point to prove now.