DIY Pool Fencing

Fencing is an extremely important addition to your home if you’re thinking of building a pool. The laws regarding fencing surrounding your pool in Melbourne are some of the toughest around, and for good reason. The safety of people around a pool is paramount, especially if you have found children in your neighbourhood. It is the responsibility of the pool owner to keep others safe. Although DIY pool fencing is an option if you have the requisite skills, It might be best to get professionals in. They know about the various regulations surrounding pool fencing that must be adhered to.

However, if you’re going to tackle the project yourself, there are a few things to watch out for.

The fence of your property won’t need any alterations, provided that the pool itself is built against the fence, but you’ll need to make sure there aren’t any objects that can be climbed anywhere near. This includes trees on the other side of the property with overhanging branches. If it’s an option, place the pool in the middle of the space so there’s no danger of the fence being bypassed. The actual material is subject to regulations as well, specifically those that state that the fence must be see-through. Again, the reasons for this are obvious and it also lessens the cost of the fence itself.

Rows of aluminium bars are a popular option, as they are generally completely secure and more or less allow viewing of whatever is going on inside. However, glass pool fencing in Melbourne is also a popular option, since it adds to the decor and allows for complete vision. This isn’t an average DIY task, but take it on if you feel prepared.

Finally, every part of your fence has to be kept in working order from start to finish. That includes the gate latch, which comes with a set of regulations by itself. Once you’ve covered all the bases, you’ll need an inspection to have the work approved.