Bouncy-Mice, and Also Trees

Day 1 in Australia: My notes were incomplete, so it would seem. Nobody here refers to jumpers as ‘sweaters’. Also, I pointed out the fact that there was a bouncy-mouse outside, hoping to garner the approval of my host family. They seemed to think it extremely amusing, and pointed out that even in Australia, they are mostly known simply as ‘Kangaroos’. This is truly a confusing nation.

Day 7 in Australia: My opinion of the services has gone up considerably. My host family lives in Ormond. They need tree removal for an old gum that’s gotten a bit too big and is now a danger to the home. Now, I have been told that Australians take things slowly, that everything is halted by a simple lack of urgency…and yet, it was not to be. The tree removal agents came within the day, and removed the tree post-haste. They were quite efficient about it too. They DID seem quiet casual about the whole affair, but perhaps it’s too much to expect a trades-person to show up to a tree lopping job in a suit and tie. The tie might get caught in the equipment, for one thing. Perhaps there is a method to this Australian madness.

Day 18 in Australia: The chocolate here is odd, and I’ve yet to ascertain a reason. The same goes for the milk, although the water from the tap is relatively drinkable. No more tree removal has been necessary, though I did get a chance to watch some Australian workmen working on a road. One of them was operating a pneumatic drill whilst wearing shorts. He didn’t seem too concerned. What a strange place indeed.

Day 96 in Australia: Still I have not seen any more tree removal agents within Ashwood or anywhere else, for that matter. I am forced to assume that none of them wear suits and tied, and all are garbed in the traditional work gear. Propriety is not dead in Australia, to be sure, although still further research is needed on the subject of flip-flops. Can you run in them? More research required.