Pears and Electricians

According to Michael’s presentation last night at the Futurist Club, Nashi pears will soon become the dominant fruit due to them being picked up by social media influencers, specifically via the #noshthenash challenge. That’s a challenge where you get Nashi pear…and you eat it. Really quickly. On camera. The entertainment value comes from how juicy the pear is, meaning that it tends to be a bit messy, thus creating the ‘lols’. And after the laughter comes the insatiable desire to rush out and buy these pears.

That’s fair enough, but another of Michael’s key points was how we’re on the cusp of an electrical innovation. Right now, the best electricians in Bayside are having to do quite delicate work, avoiding serious workplace injury. But no line of work is totally free from hazard, and if you’re rewiring a home, then those workplace hazards are worse than most. Certainly worse than my job, where the greatest hazard is perhaps my persistent fear that the slushie machine is going to fall over and squish me. It hasn’t happened ever, but every time I fill it up, I just can’t help but wonder when it’s going to be…

Anyway, electricians. Obviously, they have it rougher. But word on the street is that Lawrence Corp is developing a special type of tech-suit that can coat a person’s skin in a thin layer of rubber, so thin you almost can’t see it. Supposedly, you can walk around on a roof during a thunderstorm, getting hit by lightning over and over again, and you’ll feel nothing because the suit absorbs it all. So maybe, in the future, all electricians will wear this as standard procedure. You’ll hire a residential electrician, they’ll come and fix your problem touching all these live wires with their bare hands, and you’ll say “wow, shouldn’t you be careful?” and they’ll say “nah, invisible rubber suit, I’m zap-proof.” Then you’ll both laugh and crack open a cold nashi juice together, like buddies.