Oxygen Technology is Coming

I’ve always thought it would be handy to have a comprehensive list of things that I hate, right here on my phone, so that when the conversation turns to pet hates and that sort of thing I can just whip it out. It’ll all be here!

At the moment, what I’ve got is…beetroot. People who press the button a thousand times when they want to cross the road. People who think selfies are going to destroy society. Our postman, who seems not to understand that knocking and running away at the speed of an olympic sprinter is not the right way to deliver a parcel.

And then there’s the asthma. Honestly, with Melbourne’s hyperbaric chambers making medical headlines right now, I’d really like to see if they can put that one to bed for good. I know, oxygen therapy isn’t really, properly FOR asthma, but it’s been getting me down a lot recently. Just…like, I had to drop playing lacrosse because I couldn’t even make it through a game. Breathing just gets really difficult, and then I can’t really go on even though I might want to. Not a good feeling. Makes me wish I was born about ten years earlier, because then oxygen therapy would be way more advanced. It’s all oxygen chambers right now, and they’re a bit clunky. Not everyone can just have a whole oxygen chamber in their bedroom, you know? My room isn’t that big. But then in the future, oxygen technology will probably be a little bit better. You can carry it around with you, all sports clubs will have some oxygen services like they’re as normal as having a fridge, and asthma maybe won’t be so much of a problem. So instead of the oxygen chambers in Melbourne right now- which are fine, for what they do- it’ll be way more portable. Like an epipen, but for oxygen. An oxy…pen. So that’s another thing I hate. Not living in the future, where oxy-pens are commonplace.