In a tizzy over TV reception

This is a nightmare. I’m living inside a nightmare, and not just anyone’s nightmare. My nightmare. I am getting married in almost exactly a month and something so ridiculously insignificant has gone wrong that I would never have even thought to have factor it into my plans. Suffice to say, it has upset my soon-to-be husband to the point where he’s out of control. At this wedding, there isn’t going to be a ‘bridezilla’, it’s all about the crazy groom.


If you’re unable to count, then I should probably tell you that I’m getting married on Grand Final Day. That was totally intentional (I figured we could take advantage of the holiday) but Grant only agreed to it on the proviso there was a TV screen available in the chapel. Fine, I said. It’s our wedding, but sure, you can watch the television. No problem.


But there was a problem, and it happened yesterday. Grant found out that the venue doesn’t have an antenna installed. In Melbourne you would expect that all churches and chapels would have TV antennas on their roof, but in all honesty I’ve never seen one up there. We’re not in some random country town in the middle of who knows where, we’re in the city. And they don’t have a television. I mean, I kind of see his point, it’s a little bizarre, but also, it’s a wedding venue. They don’t expect people to be crowded around a telly on the day their friend/family is getting married.


What was completely uncalled for, was Grant’s reaction. He just lost it. In the four years we’ve been together I’ve only seen him lose it a handful of times, and, bizarrely, he had a complete meltdown over this. He was on the phone to an antenna company in Melbourne for over an hour, and even when they said the installation wouldn’t be a problem, he was still fuming. He just kept darkly muttering things I couldn’t quite hear under his breath, honestly, it was a little bit scary. I just hope it’s all ironed out before our big day. I can’t imagine what he’ll do if the TV antenna isn’t putting out a crystal clear signal for his beloved football on our wedding day.