Hassle-Free Holidaying

I am dreaming of a seaside holiday right about now. Now that we’ve closed the deal on the sale of the brewery, I think I’ve more than earned the right to chill out by the ocean for a few days! The problem is that there are always new tasks demanding my attention, and I just can’t seem to put aside more than a couple of days in a row for relaxing. I know it’s probably not that healthy, but what can you do?

You jump online and salivate over beach side holiday apartments in Lorne, that’s what. The cool thing about Lorne is that it’s so close to Melbourne – in other words, no airport pressure or insane packing operations. Seriously, holidays can sometimes be more hassle than they’re worth, with the stress of travelling totally unravelling the desired effect. Don’t get me wrong; I love exploring further afield. But for a recharge and restock with minimal planning, the Great Ocean Road is my old faithful holiday destination in Victoria.

I can feel it now – that salty Antarctic air, and the expanse of turquoise as far as the eye can see. Not to mention the sauna, the day spa and the rooftop cocktails. But I can’t be doing this kind of daydreaming right now. I’m supposed to be organising a function venue for the big event that my managing director wants to hold to mark the handover of the business. She says it has to be in one of the best conference centres in Victoria. Other than that, she’s leaving it all up to me, including the size of the budget.

Hang on… maybe there’s a venue in Lorne that could host the event! That way, at least I’d be able to dream about taking a holiday while I’m working. It’s not the same as going on a holiday, but it might be the next best thing.