Boxing Day Test Blues

Cricket: I’ve never understood it. Which is to say, I’ve never understood the massive appeal it seems to have for so many people in this country. It’s just so slow. From what I’m told, though, that’s part of the attraction when it comes to the Boxing Day Test – this feature of the sport enables the viewer to spread their attention across making sure the snags don’t burn, popping down to the shops to grab more limes for the drinks, and doing absolutely nothing, alongside keeping one eye on the match.

I suppose that, when it comes down to it, I do understand this after all; it’s more that I don’t relate to it. Last year, I asked the cousins why they don’t play a game of cricket in the backyard instead. One of them said that he’d be into it, except that he likes to play a bit harder than the traditional backyard cricket standard and it might end up being a problem for our neighbours’ windows. I told him I’d buy cricket nets as a shared Christmas present next year, provided that it got them all moving instead of crashing out in from the telly. This idea got some laughs.

Well, it’s next year now, and I haven’t got that cricket netting yet… maybe there’s still time. But are they actually going to use it? It seems unlikely, all things considered. Wait… I know! Instead of giving my family cricket nets, I’ll buy some for a local junior cricket team. Actually, I think the school that my niece goes to is in the process of setting up an indoor sports area; perhaps they could do with an indoor cricket net. Or maybe some more general boundary netting.

I’m not sure that I’m the person to make this purchase, now that I think about it. I’m all for kids playing sports, but don’t really have any idea about what’s required. Maybe I’ll just make a donation to the school’s sports department and leave it at that.

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