Surviving the Extension: Wallpaper at the end of the tunnel

It’s been six months of us all sleeping in the same room together and while I’m almost ready to move into the roof, I’m amazed to say we survived.

Even though I have close to zero energy left for anything at the moment, I feel the spark of motivation flickering when I think about decorating the kids rooms. Especially when it comes to amazing and unique designer kids wallpaperWe’re letting them pick their own, which might not sound particularly cool yet, but trust me it is. There’s a company I found that take your images and ideas and hey presto! You get your own unique designer wallpaper. Melbourne never fails to inspire me creatively.

Jane is eleven and Mica is six. Though they look pretty much the same, they are certainly very different kids. When I was Jane’s age, I wanted nothing more than a little space away from my brother, who bulldozed everything in his path, and I can relate to her requests for something of her very own. Mica just wants dinosaurs.

What did they chose? Around eight weeks ago, we went on a holiday to northern Queensland, and Jane wanted a print out of the picture of all of us in a canoe on a white water rafting adventure. It’s a great shot, but really, do I give her the green light for having such a ridiculous image on her wall?

Flash forward to three weeks later, the extension complete and the rooms with their final touches looking fantastic. Mica’s dinosaur print paper was designed by my cousin Allard, who we commissioned to draw up a great design for the wallpaper. But Jane’s room is probably my favourite. I can’t help but smile every time I pass it by,  and when I see how much joy that image brings her as well, I’m so glad I gave her artistic license on her own decorations.  

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