Please Don’t Neglect the Bathroom

In my mind, the bathroom is the most important room of the house. Just think of all the things that are done in there that can only be done alone. Taking a shower can be the most relaxing and enjoyable part of your day, and that goes double if it’s a cold day and you’re using that opportunity to warm up. Brushing one’s teeth is certainly not a communal affair, but it is an important one if you want to keep eating solid food and smiling without people becoming afraid.

And…other things.

And yet, people neglect the bathroom when it comes to improving your home, because it’s the room that you spend the least time in, potentially. Not good enough. Bathroom renovations in Melbourne deserve to have a pride of position, because a good-looking bathroom equals a happy life. And then of course there’s the matter of guests, who will be judging you harshly on the state of your bathroom. How many times have you been to a bathroom outside of your own home and formed opinions of a person based of what you found? And who could forget the infamous ‘shower confusion’, where you’re staying in a place and you have to spend twenty minutes figuring out how to work the shower because it really is just a mass of buttons and shiny knobs that don’t seem to do anything. Is that the kind of shame you want to bring upon your guests?

I understand that brushing one’s teeth is not the most glamorous or ‘fun’ part of the day, but it can be made so much easier in pleasant surroundings. Like…say…a beautifully renovated bathroom. Gosh, wouldn’t you know it? It’s not like there aren’t bathroom renovators in Melbourne who’d be more than happy to help. Call it an obsession, say I judge too much, but I simply can’t walk into an ugly bathroom without wincing. Of course, cleaning helps.


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Bathroom Shops, Places of Excitement

I’m in the minority here, but I love exploring bathroom shops. Also, carpet shops and garden centres, but mostly, I just like exploring bathroom places. I’ve always liked DIY, so that’s definitely something to do with it. I mean, it’s like wandering around IKEA except everything is incredibly shiny. You go and have a look at a bathtub, but it’s the display model so it’s like a shining example of what that bath is going to look like when it’s installed in your home. And don’t even get me started on the huge variety of taps. Taps are aesthetically pleasing enough without twenty of them all being in a row, perfectly polished and brand new.

Obviously, we’re thinking of bathroom renovations. Melbourne is a new start for us, so we thought we’d buy a fixer-upper and do all the work by ourselves. Rob isn’t quite as interested as me, but still, I keep managing to find reasons to go and visit the bathroom place. Maybe the smell is something to do with it as well…just, so NEW. And then I could honestly spend hours flipping through the magazines that show you what your new bathroom could look like, so I can see why Rob doesn’t want to come with me. He probably won’t care about the bathroom we choose as long as it works, but I’m more of a perfectionist. I need to pick the EXACT bathroom renovation dream project, and it has to look exactly the same as I’m imagining it in my head. What I’m saying is that the upstairs shower is going to be out of commision for a while while we get this done.

I’m also micromanaging the finding of good bathroom renovators in Melbourne, because we need the best if my dream is going to come true. I’d like to do it all myself, but alas…work, children and life are getting in the way. I’ll just have to oversee this one.


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