Quality Aggregate Driveway

It’s that time of the year again, when I have most things around the estate redone for no solid reason other than it’s been a year, and things just get old. The entrance hall is so terrible 2017; nobody uses marble anymore. I’ll leave the remodelling of the spare bedrooms up to Cecelia, because that woman really needs something to do around here. True, most of them were never actually used between now and back then, but still. It’s the principle of the thing. My father before me said: “Now, son, make sure you change things around the family estate every year or so, more if you can manage it. Leaving things the way they are is the way of the common man.” And his father before him gave the same advice, and so on. We didn’t get where we are today by leaving things the way they are!

I suppose the driveway should be on the list. Last year I had it concreted, but again, that’s last year’s style. Luckily, there’s are a few humble, expert aggregate places in Cranbourne that’ll give me a few options. The problem with most such businesses is that they often balk when they hear the length of our driveway, protesting that they do not have the resources and that I simply must pay an extra fine for the length of the job. I know the technique well, of course…but these are the ultra high-end, exclusive driveway contractors who refuse to be listed in any address book, have no website and will only work for a maximum of two hours a day. Of course, their work is quality, but sometimes I find the practice tiresome.

Much better to find a decent place for driveway toppings in Cranbourne, a humble suburb that nonetheless offers excellent service. We must all indulge in the common things every now and then. And when the common things are of a surprising quality, why not? They also seem spectacularly unbothered by our driveway’s length of 4.2 kilometers. Pebbles this time, I thinkā€¦

-Percival Clancey V

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