Leave the Sea-Salt, Get the Lavender!!

I don’t care who knows any more: I LOVE Jack of All Trades. I love it! Luisa caught me in the supermarket yesterday reading TV Magazine (the only magazine that’s all about television, since 1876), and everything came out, even though I’ve been saying in book club for weeks that i think it’s silly trash. Well, it’s not. I’m invested in the characters now, I want to see them do well, and that makes me an empathetic person, so there. Of course, I also love it when they start bickering and stabbing each other in the back over failures, so…well…I’m only human.

And how could anyone NOT love the latest episode? They were tasked with looking for luxury accommodation in Lorne, which just happens to be MY specialty since getting a good deal for accommodation is like my personal superpower. Whether it’s flights, hotels, hostels, motels, motor-homes, caravans or camp-sites…I am the bargain sniffer.

Though that’s not to say that I compromise on quality. If I’m booking luxury accommodation, or some nice beach apartment, I’m not going to settle. So when the candidates are scrambling around Lorne, looking for pricey items to assemble a perfect hotel room, I was screeching at the TV without a hint of decorum, to my slight shame. Gave the neighbours a good fright, I tell you that much. But seriously, you’d think some of them had never been on holiday, the things they were buying. One team thought ugly vases and scented candles equalled ‘luxury’, while the other one was under the deluded impression that what people truly wanted in a beach apartment…was sea-salt spray. And they bought sixteen caskets of the stuff.

Trust me, friends. I’ve done beach apartment bookings. In Lorne, I know exactly what I want, and I would’ve nailed this task in an hour. Which happened last week, funnily enough…and the one before. Maybe I need to go on this show and win it with ease.


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