You Can Achieve Your Home Dream Today!

Conferences are GREAT. It’s no wonder I feel like I’m addicted; in fact, I’d keep going to them forever if I could. That rush of emotion at the end of each one…I know it’s somewhat artificial, and I’ve been to enough conferences to know that it’s almost a given to really solidify the experience in your head, but once you get past that it’s just magical. I know it’s coming, and I wait for it.

Yesterday’s was on buying your first home and why everyone can do it, entitled ‘Buying Your First Home: Why Everyone Can Do It’. It was taken by someone who used to be a property advocate servicing Melbourne, and now they’ve turned their incredible talents towards seminars that help people of my generation achieve the Australian dream: buying your own home. With a pool. See, that’s the part that makes it superior to the American Dream. A home in America MIGHT have a pool, but our dream is better because it accepts nothing less.

Anyway, that was the first module. Then it was ‘Buyers Advocates, and what they can do for you’, and then we went on to talking about the negative thoughts that hold us back from our dream. That one caused quite a few tears, and we had to take a coffee break to gather ourselves for the next module: the property market, and climbing the ladder. And then to finish, we all linked hands and promised each other that we would never give up, and that we’d both memorise the Home Buyer’s Sonnet and keep it in our hearts. Hoo boy, the tears were flowing heavily at that point, but we managed to say goodbye to both each other and our esteemed Melbourne buyers advocacy master. Maybe one day, I will hire one of his former work colleagues, and I shall find the home of my dreams. In fact…I know I will. If I believe, all of my housing dreams are 100% possible. I just have to have faith!