War on foot problems

Being on this job is killing me faster than my diabetes. And that’s…y’know. Saying something. I’ve been a soldier for most of adult life and the strain the job takes on the body is starting to catch up on me. This is especially true of my feet. Back in the day, we had some of the best health professionals in the world tending to our various injuries straight after we received them. Back here in what I call ‘real life’..yeah, not so much. People go for days, weeks even, without reporting ailments. We just carry on, because we’re not in a war zone and a bit of an ache in your feet isn’t going to get you killed.

So now that I do actually have some serious foot problems, I can blame a reversal of fates. Should’ve expected this after how much time I spend doing all sorts on my feet. There’s a good podiatrist in Cheltenham, which an army buddy recommended. Still, the fact that I might have to stay off my feet for a while just seems strange. If my commanding officer were here, he’d make do push-ups on my knuckles for letting things get this far.

Come to think of it, I haven’t actually visited a foot specialist since I got back from my last tour of duty. I had so much healthy eating and exercise mentality drummed into my skull that I didn’t actually stop to consider the fact that, yeah, I might actually become ill at some point. Even healthy living and working an outdoor job won’t help all that much.

So now my feet feel like they’re on fire when I’m not standing on them. Great. From what I can remember, looks like some custom orthotics are the way to go. Too bad I have so many different pairs of work boots, not counting my casual ones. Hopefully it’s a one-size-fits-all deal.