Suddenly, a New Kitchen

It’s a new year, 2019, time to put the past behind us. And besides, putting the past behind us is what we at the Futurist Club do best. It’s our entire reason for existing, to the point where it’s in our actual rule book!

So…the future. 2019 and beyond. And you know what innovation I’d really like to see? Holographic renovation. That’s not the best title, due to it being an oxymoron, but it sounds good and building a brand is everything. What that IS, is the ability to select things like kitchen and bathroom renovations, and have them installed at the touch of a button, via complex holograms. Now, bathroom and kitchen designers will certainly have their place, because the market for holographic designs is going to be immense. This isn’t just like installing a new phone background; this is something you’re going to see every single day. You’ll interact with it like it’s your real kitchen, and you’ll even switch between designs depending on how you feel.

Alternatively, if things advance beyond our expectations, then we could see the advent of hard-light holograms and those things are going to be totally revolutionary. You’ll actually be able to project an entire kitchen into an empty space (well…mostly empty), and you can sit on the virtual stools and put things down on whatever surface you like. I’d imagine that you’d find a bathroom designer or kitchen designer like you do now. They’d design the projection, much like they do now, except it’ll all be digital and made of light.

You’ll need a default kitchen and bathroom there, of course, because hard light holograms can’t create fire for cooking and water for bathing. But still, imagine the possibilities. Time travel, backwards and forwards, localised to a single room. Swap out rooms depending on your fancy, just like outfits.

Those will soon be hard-light too, obviously.