Office Refurbisher Extraordinaire

You know how some people are natural go-getters? My younger brother is one – to a fault. Jeremiah is forever taking on tasks that go way beyond his sphere of duty in an effort to make himself indispensable. I’ve observed him doing this in his social life as much as in his workplace.

As an example, he’s just agreed to help out his mate’s girlfriend in overseeing the refurbishment of the office that she manages. From what I understand, she’s run off her feet but needs to impress some high-stakes investors in the coming months. According to J, she was bothered by the transparency of the glass walls within the space, and concerned that the investors would find it lacking in privacy. So J has volunteered to figure out how to fix it.

He actually seems to have landed on a pretty good solution for creating pockets of privacy in the office: decorative windows. Melbourne is home to companies that do this, J tells me. He showed me some online. It looks like they use specialised films to affix designs onto windows, decal-style.

The problem is, he’s now getting a bit overly excited about the project and has now embarked on a mission to find a company that supplies office window tinting services in Melbourne. This, his research suggests, will stabilise the interior climate in both hot and cold weather, and hence improve the efficiency of the building. The tinting material uses some kind of ceramic technology to block out more than half of the solar rays that would otherwise be coming through the window. He also wants to replace the carpet with one in a new high-tech fibre.

I’ve basically told him not to get too carried away – it’s great that he’s so keen, but if he channelled this energy into some projects of his own, his go-getting tendencies might produce even better outcomes for him. He might not have as many friends, though, so maybe it’s much of a muchness.