Look After Your Car

I used to think that I was uniquely disadvantaged, given that I work with cars and people are always doing stupid, car-related things. Like, I have to see people driving around with flat tires, stripping the gears because they don’t know how to drive a manual, or any one of many other ways to abuse a motor vehicle. But then…I think I realise now that everyone has this problem, if they care about their job at all. Writers notice all the spelling and grammar mistakes, doctors and nurses see people NOT taking care of obvious health stuff, all that. That said, I still carry a few business cards for places with motor mechanics in Bendigo, from back when I used to work for them myself. Most of the time people are appreciative of me kindly pointing out that the car they’re driving is close to exploding, and they should probably see an auto mechanic about it. It’s enough people that it makes it worth it when the occasional person gets offended.

But then, I’m a total hypocrite now because I’m involved in the planning for a destruction derby event. Still, I’m one of the people down to help keep the cars in one piece, so I guess you could say I’m the equivalent of a medical professional who loiters near a boxing ring, or a UFC cage match, just to make sure people don’t hit each other too hard. Or at least, if they DO hit each other too hard I can jump in and stop it from getting any worse. So if I wasn’t there, it’d be a lot worse. It’s definitely not the same as people just refusing to take care of their cars, then whining to their local Epsom car servicing professional because they were driving around with the oil light on for weeks.

I just couldn’t be in the car with those people. Not unless they agreed to drive right then and there to an auto servicing professional. I’ll tolerate it for entertainment, but negligence with a motor vehicle is just too grating.