Kittens Galore

It’s raining kittens!

No, really. I mean, not really, but it might as well be, because our courtyard is temporarily full of them. My new housemate fosters abandoned kittens, you see, and he’s rigged up a huge, fully contained playspace for them in our courtyard (the real estate won’t let us have them in the house).

Anyway, a group of five assorted fluff balls were dropped off our house today, and now they’re sleeping in a sheepskin-lined box. Earlier, they were gambolling loudly among the various play apparatuses Jeff has created out of cardboard boxes and cylinders, and trying unsuccessfully to climb the tree. It’s the best.

These kittens are old enough to have milk replacement formulas and solids, which is lucky because they appear to be orphaned. I assume the next step is to have them checked out by a vet and then directed to their forever homes. Jeff knows the whole procedure, but I’m not familiar, and I can’t wait for him to get home to find out the lowdown – I’m too excited by all the kitten-fuelled goodness. What’s the go with cat desexing in Bayside? I’m wondering if there are council requirements around this specific to the Brighton area. Local vets: care to weigh in?

Alongside that, what can I expect behaviourally from these youngsters? I’m pretty sure Jeff estimated their age as being around eight months old, and (if today’s anything to go by) they seem to be into sleeping for a sizeable chunk of the time. When they were awake, though, they were super talkative and into pretty much everything.

On that last point, as much as I’d love to have them to be inside the house, I’m actually kind of relieved that they’re not – I reckon they’d get themselves into a bit of trouble with our house plants and people food and endless nice things to destroy. Fortunately, they’ve got plenty of shelter and activities galore to enjoy out the back.

That’s enough gushing from me – time to go and see if they’re still as adorable as they were before!