From Scream to Dream (Bathroom)

I’ve just bought a house! How big a deal is that? Well, it is for me. But you know what it’s not bigger than? I’ll tell you – the hole in the floor of the bathroom in said house. I never thought I’d find myself in a position to say this, but I need a renovation, stat. The whole house needs some serious work, and I knew that when I bought into it, but the bathroom is in particularly dire need.

I don’t even know where to start with finding a bathroom renovation company in Melbourne, but I’m sure they can’t be too hard to come by. I’d like to find one that specialises in design, seeing as the extent of the current bathroom situation is such that I’ll pretty much need to replace it entirely. The silver lining here is that it gives me the opportunity to create my dream bathroom from scratch.

The room itself has good bones – it’s quite spacious, with a high ceiling and a big window that looks out onto some dense plant action that allows for just the right balance of light and privacy. There’s a small bath in there, but it has a massive crack in it. I reckon there’s enough space for a designer bathtub that stands free of the wall, plus a separate walk-in shower. I’m picturing one of those shower heads where the water falls from directly above, like rain. I’ve toyed with the idea of having a double shower, but thought that might be a smidgen over the top.

Bathroom designers in Melbourne are most likely in the know about new bathroom trends that I’m in no way aware of, so I’m not getting too attached to any one plan just yet. One thing I know for sure is that after this installation is done, I’ll be renovating the rest of the house on the smell of an oily rag, as they say. Not to worry, though – if I’m going to be blowing my budget, this is the room to do it on.