Discrimination Against Fishing is Real

Can two people be friends with such differing ideals? I’d like to think that you can be friends with people despite their horrible beliefs, but I’m not too sure anymore. I mean, you think you know someone…

Now, I come from a family of people in the fishing industry. I can proudly trace my ancestry back to even MORE people in the industry, and further back, people who were also in the industry. My family name is all over the records when it comes to Melbourne’s stainless steel fabrication industry, or at least it would be if people kept records on that sort of thing. We’re big into fishing as well; it’s how we spend all our weekends.

But now I have this friend- we’ll call him Dave- and he’s the opposite. In fact, he has this weird idea that people shouldn’t go out onto water at all. “The ocean is for fish. If people were meant to go into the sea, they would’ve been born with fins”

So Dave is totally against ship-building and marine welding in general, particularly since we now apparently live in a more enlightened age where we can fly places, and now boats are totally redundant.

So that’s already pretty strange, but he told me last time we met that he doesn’t support fishing as a sport because it’s removing fish from their natural habitat, and humans don’t have jurisdiction over the sea. So basically, he has these ideas that mankind and water should be totally segregated. No boats, no marine welding, no fishing, no nothing. And all this was in the middle of me telling him about the advantages of plate alloy boats, so he didn’t pick the best time either. Can we truly be friends, or is this friendship doomed to fail since we so fundamentally disagree? Well, I say ‘disagree’…I mean with him being so wrong, obviously.