A Handy Person To Know

My mate, Diane, just got a new ute. I think it’s super cool, but to her it’s just normal – she’s always had one. She’s not a tradie or anything (she’s actually a community law practitioner), but she’s a bit of a handyperson and is always picking up stuff off the side of the road to use in her DIY projects.

Lately, she’s started doing stuff for friends on a swapping basis – she’ll fix your gutter, and you’ll give her, say, a professional haircut. That sort of thing. But she’s gotten so deep into it that she might as well be doing it for cash, in my opinion, especially since she’s starting to shell out on some significant equipment. The latest purchase that she’s contemplating is a toolbox. I’m not talking about the handheld kind that you’re probably picturing, but rather a veritable tool chest affixed to her ute tray.

These so-called toolboxes are more like full-on storage units, with compartments, drawers and openings made to order. They can take up the entire ute tray. Diane was showing me some of her shortlisted options online. She wants to buy a removable service body in Melbourne when she’s there for work next week.

The other possibility she’s been thinking about involves installing one big compartment in the form of an aluminium ute canopy. Melbourne is close to some great camping and off-road possibilities. So Diane is thinking that she could double up on the utility of having a tray compartment if she could cram it full of camping gear as well as tools.

Out here in the hills, life is definitely easier if you have a vehicle with a service body that you can haul all manner of stuff around in. It makes me feel kinda feeble in my zippy little city-slicker car. Maybe it’s time to trade it in for something that won’t struggle to get up my driveway…

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