A Done Deal

I really need to get this car out of my hair. Since I moved within walking distance of the train line, I really don’t need it anymore – all it does is drain my bank account and discourage me from engaging in incidental exercise. The good news is that I might have a buyer, and she seems pretty low-fuss about the whole thing. Her only requirement is that I show her evidence of a vehicle inspection from an RACV-accredited auto care centre.

As far as things go in the Ringwood area, RACV vehicle inspections are easy enough to arrange. It’s a wee bit annoying because I’ve recently had a comprehensive service done on the car, but the mechanic that carried it out wasn’t verified by the RACV. I understand why people want this type of pre-purchase inspection, though, and I’m happy to comply if it means I can sell the car quickly and for a good price.

I think she appreciates that I have an up-to-date manufacturer’s logbook. Servicing in Ringwood, in my experience, tends to be readily conducive to this end, but I guess some people don’t bother with it if they have a used car. I’m feeling kind of smug about the fact that I did go through with it, because it’s probably contributed to the tidy sale price I’ve managed to negotiate with my buyer. It also means that I feel pretty good about advertising the general health of the vehicle – I’ve never had any problems with it.

I’m pretty confident that I won’t miss any of this rigmarole. I’m looking forward to not having the option of driving and all the stress that comes with it – traffic, parking and the like. And I definitely won’t miss all these trips to the mechanics. I hope the buyer is as excited about buying the car as I am about selling it!